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If you're looking at a permeable footpath, driveway, road or parking lot there are many permeable pavers to choose from. Installing a porous surface has many benefits that include;

  • Biodegradation: Permeable pavements are an effective tool against pollutants that often find their way into stormwater systems. 
  • Water supply: The water table exists beneath the ground, and is the main source of water replenishment for above-ground water systems during droughts.
  • Urban heat: The urban heat island effect is a noticeable and detrimental consequence of traditional paving methods.
  • Flood reduction: Less water into stormwater systems means less chance of flooding.
  • Plant and tree growth: Water from permeable surfaces can be directed straight to garden beds, tree plantations, and entire ecosystems.


Permeable Surfaces Australia is the nation’s biggest advocate of sustainable construction and design through the use of permeable surfaces. We are here to help educate people on the different solutions available to them, from bringing you new products, to answering questions that you’ve wanted to ask, we are on standby to help in any way we can. We believe in permeable surfaces, and we want you to join us.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Permeable Pavers in Australia as rated by our community of civil engineering experts:

Adbri Ecotrihex

An Ecotrihex® is a specially designed to enable water to be harvested or redirected through its permeable surface into the layers below. The permeable pavement is the key to a sustainable water management system. 

Surface water runoff is minimised through the Ecotrihex paver and therefore the need for additional surface drainage is reduced. The performance of this permeable paver by Adbri Masonry has been proven with successful projects in Sydney's Moore Park, Olympic Park and Brisbane's Botanic Gardens.

Midland Brick Aqua Tri Pave

The Aqua Tri-Pave Charcoal provides a permeable pavement solution, allowing water to permeate into the subgrade or be collected for future use. The Aqua Tri Pave is manufactured by Midland Brick who has been a pioneer in paving solutions within the building industry.

The Permeable Aqua Tri Pave is offered in a range of colours and the interlocking solution leaves enough gaps for stormwater to be absorbed into the subgrade for effective permeability.

Boral Hydrapavers

Boral Hydrapave® allows storm water to infiltrate through small channels in the paver. This is a cost competitive and environmentally productive approach to treating water. Rather than collecting water run-off, channelling it through open drains and subsequently treating it, the patented Hydrapave® system allows rain water to infiltrate through small channels formed on the ends and sides of the concrete pavers, passing into a prepared sub-base. The water is then detained, treated, filtered and dispersed or directed for re-use. The Boral Hydrapave® is manufactured in Australia.

APC Ecopave

The Ecopave® is a concrete paver that is the ideal solution  where sustainable water management should is the main consideration. The Ecopave® is ideally designed for residential, multi-residential and commercial paving applications. The permeable pavers are designed to allow water to infiltrate through the paver to the subsurface where the water can be harvested or dispersed back to the water table.

Depending on the job requirement, the Ecopave® is available in a 50mm thickness for residential applications and an 80mm version for commercial and industrial jobs. Applications include carparks and driveways, pavements, footpaths, road infrastructure and more.

Premier Hydropavers

Premier Hydropavers® are a fully permeable paver that absorbs water by allowing up to 25 mm per minute to go through its entirely permeable body. Hydropavers can absorb ample amounts of stormwater in order to keep the hardscapes free of water accumulation, eliminate runoff and provide wide range environmental advantages.

Premier Hydropavers® are made from crushed recycled ceramic tiles and pressed into moulds at 1,600 tonnes and fired at 1,200°C. Heating the material to below its melting point forms strong bonds between the individual grains and creating voids that allow water to go through its entire body whilst offering a breaking point of up to 20 kN, effectively allowing it to be used in the most demanding conditions.

Best’s Bio Paver

The Bio Paver is a permeable paver engineered with a 5mm gap to limit storm water runoff. This gap is small enough that not even a stiletto heel will slip in and can therefore comfortably be used for normal pedestrian applications. Best’s Bio Paver is engineered in a way to ensure that the interlocking pavers do not move against each other once laid and are environmentally friendly.

If installed properly, the Best Bio Lock can withstand the 2-hour 10-year Average Recurrence Interval (ARI) storm in Adelaide. This means that the storm water will drain into the soil underneath.

If you are environmentally-minded, permeable pavers are the obvious choice over traditional methods of paving. Permeable Surfaces Australia has everything you need to know about choosing permeable solutions and if you have any questions, please contact our friendly team.

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